Thursday, July 19, 2018


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Third Annual Hmong Town Festival

The third annual Hmong Town Festival took place this past weekend on June 23rd and 2th. Hmong Town Festival is a celebration where all the communities of St. Paul can come together to enjoy Hmong food, music, and entertainment.

There were lots of booths selling all kinds of delicious Hmong food and Hmong clothing. A beer garden for those that wanted to drink in the warm weather and a main stage where dancing and music took place. They also had a pageant for women above 50 years old to see who is the best role model as an elderly woman. Other activities included papaya salad competition, watermelon eating competition, and musical chairs games.

This event was open the public and family friendly. Many children participated in the games and got prizes full of Hmong items. Children also learned about some Hmong artifacts used to farm back in the mountains of Laos.

Overall, the event was a hit as more people attended this year than previous years. Security was increased to ensure safety.

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