Monday, August 20, 2018


Hmong TV Network is also on the Roku.
Watch Hmong TV Network on the Roku
Requires an existing Internet connection with speeds of 1.2Mpbs or higher to receive our stream for viewing on your TV.
  • Watch 24 hours of Hmong programming on your TV FREE
  • Watch On Demand News, Shows, Movies, Plus More
  • Roku box can be purchased online here, or call us for more information
  • Roku connects wirelessly to your Internet connection
  • You can purchase any Roku model to watch our channel

It's easy to set up your Roku with these steps:
  1. Get your Roku at Walmart, Target, Bestbuy, or online here, or call us at 559-475-0045
  2. Create you Roku account on the Roku web site:   Here is a guide: Guide to Create a Roku Account
  3. Link your Roku to your account.  Here is a guide:  Guide to Link your Roku to your Accout 
  4. Add our channel to your box by clicking here. Here is a guide: Guide to Add Hmong TV Network to your Roku

Watch our channel 32.6 and 25.3 FREE!  Or if you want to also watch the On-Demand content, CLICK HERE TO SIGNUP for a subscription for only $14.99 per month

For more information or help with setting up the Roku Box, contact us:

  • Phone:  559-475-0045
  • Toll Free:  800-467-1258
  • Email:

Hmong TV Network

Hmong TV Network wants to ensure you can watch our TV channels anywhere you are. Please contact us to get help watching. Also, if you have any news about the Hmong community, let us know so we can cover it.

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