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Man who seriously wounded 2 Fresno County jail officers sentenced to 112 years

A Fresno man with a violent past was sentenced on Friday to 112 years to life in prison for the attempted murder of two unarmed correctional officers inside the the lobby of the main Fresno County Jail in September 2016.

Before announcing the punishment, Superior Court Judge Timothy Kams called Thong Vang “a dangerous individual” who should never be free in society again and family of officer Toamalama Scanlan, who is still recovering from the shooting, shared their emotions.

A Fresno Superior Court jury in late March found Vang guilty of shooting officers Juanita Davila and Scanlan and seriously wounding them. In addition to attempted murder, the jury found Vang guilty of two counts of assault with a semi-automatic handgun and of being a felon in possession of a firearm.

Vang, 38, has prior rape convictions in a notorious sex-slave ring case in the 1990s.

Fresno County Sheriff Margaret Mims attended Friday’s sentencing in support of Davila and Scanlan who worked for her office. More than a dozen correctional officers in black T shirts also sat in the courtroom in solidarity with the victims.

Six armed bailiffs were in the courtroom, including three who stood near Vang, who wore a yellow jail jumpsuit reserved for high-risk inmates. Vang sat silently throughout the proceedings, except when he told the judge that he understood his appellate rights.

In his trial, Vang testified he was justified in shooting the officers. He testified he was high on methamphetamine, paranoid and looking for help when he went into the jail lobby Sept. 3, 2016. He told the jury he had broken up with his girlfriend earlier that day and that he feared she was sending someone after him to assault or kill him.


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