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Kev Kaaj Sab 7/17/2018

On this episdoe of “Kev Kaaj Sab”, Chia Lee talks about frustration, stress, and the worrisome things in life.

One of the hardest things in life is raising children, making sure they get all the things they need to grow up healthy and wise. It is also something that parents suffer through.

Suffereing is like eating rice with only hot peppers for a few days. The suffering is bad but this is nothing compared to a woman carrying a child for 9 months and caring for the child afterwards.

Between the two parents, the mother suffers the most, from carrying the child for 9 months, caring for the child, and it is as if the mother died on the day of birth for the child. However, the mother lives on since the dhild brings new life to her in many different ways.

Once a child is born, the mother provides care and nurture by using her arms as pillows and hands as clothing. Mothers suffer so much to give children life and take care of everything when children are babies. Our mothers provide milk, soft food, dress us, change our diapers, and watch us until we are 3 years old so we can start doing some of these things ourselves.

We as adults have to remember and appreciate all these things our parents have done for us, especially our mothers. Our fathers help provide food and shelter for the whole family. They provide for the children’s future with savings and guidance. Our mothers take care of everything else.

After all that our parents do for us, it is very sad to see some children do not want to live or take care of their parents. Some children seek friends from outside and consider them closer than their parents. In turn, making their parents enemies and outsiders their friends. Children forget that when they were unable to do anything for themselves, their parents were there for everything. The value of our parents is so immense, it cannot be measured.

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