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Hmong TV Network Newscast 7/24/2018

Bao reports on a new California water law that restricts water usage. The tough water law is aimed at water districts but this will be felt more by to the users. The restrictions will eventually be 55 gallons per person by 2022.

One of the best things you can do right now to conserve water is to get educated about using water wisely and fix those leaks.

In Minnesota, Nelsie Yang has just announced that she will be running for the Ward 6 seat on the St. Paul City Council next year.

Nelsie is an organizer with TakeAction Minnesota. She started her organizing career as a political campaigner. In 2017 she served as Communications Director for Mary Xiong’s campaign for school board. She fights for racial equity and pushes for women of color into leadership roles.

Nelsie will be challenging the current council member Dan Bostrom.

The U.S. has broken up a fake IRS phone scam. The scam would route money through call centers in India back to states. The scam worked by a person posing as an IRS agent calling someone and threatening arrest or deportation if the victim did not pay with prepaid cards or wire transfers. Most of the victims for immigrants and older people.

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