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Hmong TV Network Newscast 7/19/2018

In today’s newscast Mike and Bao report on how Fresno has the worst drivers in the nation. A study by insurance news site Quote Wizard ranks Fresno 24th in the nation out of 75 big cities for the worst drivers.

Rankings are based on calculating total incidents from 2017 for each city based on accidents, speeding tickets, DUIs and citations. Fresno suffers from too many drinking and driver incidents.

Fresno’s bad ranking means you have to be careful when driving and you may have increased insurance for living here.

Governor Jerry Brown signed a bill that would require all counties to provide free postage for vote-by-mail ballots statewide.

This would have cost $5.5 million if the law was in effect in 2016. However, this bill is seen to remove a barrier for younger voters since they typically do not want to use the postal system.

St. Paul has a housing crisis according to the city council. With a 2.4 percent vacancy, this means there are not enough houses to buy for those people who want one.

The city council wants Mayor Melvin Carter to commit to potential strategies to address this issue. First, to fund an Affordable Housing Trust Fund to create new affordable housing. Second, to create a down payment assistance program to help residents buy their first home. Third, to add staff to develop a fair housing strategy to make all this work.

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