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Hmong TV Network Newscast 7/18/2018

In today’s newscast Bee and Bao report about how solar energy panels could create a pollution problem. Many old solar panels were found near the High Speed Rail construction site in downtown Fresno. These are so old, the manufacturers of these panels have gone out of business. Solar panels like these contain some kind of toxic heavy metal such as lead, arsenic, or cadmium. If these metals are not disposed of properly, prolonged exposure to them may cause damage to the brain, lungs, kidneys, liver, and other orangs.

The Univeristy of California’s governing board will vote Thursday to reduce the tuition fee in over 20 years. The proposal will reduce tution by $60. The reduction was to remove the $60 surcharge to pay off damages from lawsuits.

Bla Pao Yang is a Hmong veteran who fought in the secret war in Laos. After the war, he and his family settled in Rochester, MN. He is a Hmong American hero who has been fighting for the right to be recognized similar to U.S. veterans.

On Monday, he became the first Hmong veteran in Rochester to be accorded full military honors at his funeral. This is in part due to the congressional bill this year that allows Hmong veterans that fought in the secret war the same honors as U.S. veterans.

Will we have World War III? Trump says defending the tiny country Montenegro could lead to it. Find out what this is all about by watching our newscast.

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