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Fresno New Year Update: 2 New Years This Year

Fresno will be hosting 2 Hmong New Year celebrations this year and both at the same time from December 26th to January 1st.  This has been seen before but this year there are big differences in the organizations that will be hosting the new year events.

Hmong Cultural New Year Celebration, Inc. is the new organization that won the bid in May to host the new year celebration at the Fresno Fairgrounds.  The winning bid amount was $352,200 per year for the next five years.  HCNYC (Hmong Cultural New Year Celebration) has many plans to make the new year celebration at the fairgrounds much better such as organizing lines similar to security checkpoints at airports, allowing advance ticket sales online, giving school supplies to the community, and more.  They will offer competitions during the new year celebration such as a pageant, traditional dance, soccer, and volleyball.

Hmong International New Year Foundation, Inc. is the organization that used to host the new year since 1999 at the fiargrounds.  Now, they are hosting the new year at Granite Park in Fresno.  HINYF (Hmong International New Year Foundation) is also offering competitions including a pageant, traditional dance, singing, and sports.  HINYF has been hosting the new year celebration since 1999 so they know what it takes to make such an event successful.

Which one will you attend?  What are the reasons behind your choice?

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