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Frequently Asked Questions

Common Queries and Questions
How can I watch Hmong TV Network?
There are 3 ways to watch Hmong TV Network content:
  1. You can watch on your TV FREE on channel 32.6 if you live in Fresno and surrounding cities of Fresno using an antenna. You can also watch FREE on channel 25.3 using an antenna if you live in St. Paul/Minneapolis area.

  2. You can watch both channels FREE with the Roku box.

  3. You can watch on your PC, smart phone, or tablet running Apple IOS, Android, or Blackberry
Do I have to pay to watch Hmong TV Network?
No, you do not have to pay to watch Hmong TV Network.  You can watch for FREE online HERE (Channel 32.6), HERE (Channel 25.3), use an antenna if you live in Fresno and surrounding cities, also use an antenna if you live in the Twin Cities area of Minnesota, or watch free on the Roku, smart phone or tablet.
What's the difference between FREE and a Subscription?
When you watch our free channels, you only get to watch what's currently on our 24 hour local channel 32.6 in Fresno, CA and channel 25.3 in St. Paul, MN.  All the content is broadcasted according to our regular schedule.  We have news, movies, shows, documentaries, and live events broadcasting at their scheduled times.

When you subscribe to watch on the Roku box, you get to watch our 24 hour channels PLUS all our on demand news, shows, movies, music and special events.
What kind of subscriptions are available?
There is only 1 subscription:

Watch Videos On Demand on the Roku - this subscription is $14.99 (discounts available) a month and allows you to watch all our news, shows and movies on your Roku.  You can watch the shows and movies at any time you like and fast forward or resume where you left off on your Roku Box.
How do I start watching on the Roku?
  1. Get your Roku at Walmart, Target, Bestbuy, or online here, or call us at 559-475-0045
  2. Create you Roku account on the Roku web site:   Here is a guide: Guide to Create a Roku Account
  3. Link your Roku to your account.  Here is a guide:  Guide to Link your Roku to your Accout 
  4. Add our channel to your box by clicking here. Here is a guide: Guide to Add Hmong TV Network to your Roku
Antennas are old technology, why use an antenna?
Antennas have changed since the FCC mandate for major channels to broadcast in HD. Antennas still catch over-the-air signals but these signals are all digital, allowing you to watch your local channels in High Definition (HD). And there is no cost after purchasing your antenna.

Hmong TV Network can be watched using an antenna to catch our digital signal on your TV. The antenna not only catches our channel but all your local channels as well and in HD. This saves you money by allowing you to watch your local channels in HD and not pay a monthly fee to your cable or satellite TV company.

Hmong TV Network

Hmong TV Network wants to ensure you can watch our TV channels anywhere you are. Please contact us to get help watching. Also, if you have any news about the Hmong community, let us know so we can cover it.

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