Friday, March 23, 2018


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Lakeland University Scholarship Honors Hmong Leader

PLYMOUTH — Lakeland University has established a new scholarship that honors the legacy and contributions of Col. Yong Chue Yang, who led Hmong families to the Sheboygan area in search of freedom and opportunity.

The Col. Yong Chue Yang Scholarship will award $15,000 annually to student descendants of families who were displaced by the Vietnam conflict, who qualify for admission to Lakeland University bachelor’s degree programs and who demonstrate the qualities of community service and diligence Yang embodied.

“Col. Yang showed great courage, leadership and resolve in building opportunities in this community for Hmong people facing the most difficult of challenges as political refugees,” said Lakeland President David Black. “The qualities of wisdom and diligence that were modeled by Col. Yang and then exemplified by succeeding generations in the Hmong community continue to make Lakeland a better university.”


An 82 year old Hmong Woman was Bitten by Police Dogs and Dragged by the Officer to the Patrol Car

On the morning of February 5th, in Coon Rapids, Minnesota, an officer got a call for a suspicious male burglar. The officer arrived at the property of Choua Xiong, an 82 year old Hmong woman. Choua Xiong was in a shed located in the backyard. She suddenly heard someone shouting but does not understand English and thought it was just the neighbor so she paid no attention to it. Moments after, one canine came into the shed and attacked her. She was able to find a rubbery pipe and used it to hit the dog while the canine’s jaw locked on her left hand. As the canine whimpered, another one came in and attacked her as well. Choua Xiong described one dog had more hair than the other.

The officer followed the dogs into the shed, grabbed both Xiong’s hands and dragged her out of the shed. Xiong was dragged from the shed to the street with another officer, where the officer’s car was parked, estimated to be around 100 feet. She was placed into the patrol car’s seat and was crying while pulling her pants up because it had slipped down to her thighs from being dragged on the ground.

Hmong Clothes Fresno New Year Part 2

Ka Shoua continues to talk to an older couple from Oklahoma. They are dressed in traditional Hmong clothes with belts adorned with Paaj Daub and hung with silver coins.

Ka Shoua also interviews Pa Ying Cha Lor, a designer and seller of Hmong clothes from Fresno. She sells her outfits from her store at Asian Village or Zog Vib Nais. She states that more people request her to make more traditional outfits. She can also tailor your outfits to fit for those that are bigger or taller.

Hmong Clothes Fresno New Year

Ka Shoua interviews a couple wearing newer style Hmong clothes which are black with a red trim. Their outfits are light and easy to put on and enhanced by each wearing a necklace. There are less Hmong embroidery or Paaj Daub with these newer styles.

She continues to talk to an older couple with the woman wearing Hmong clothes but the man does not. Typically, this is the case perhaps there is too much to pack on the way to the New Year so visitors forgo the Hmong clothes to save room and weight on trips.

She ends with an interview with a group of pageant winners or Nruag Naab. They are all dressed up in different types of Hmong clothes from traditional to new styles.

Funeral for Leading Hmong soldier Fighting with U.S. in Vietnam War

Funeral service took place this past weekend for Lieutenant Colonel Peter Chou Vang, the right hand man of General Vang Pao during the Vietnam War, serving under America’s CIA in Laos. The funeral service took place on Saturday, June 11th at 9:00 a.m. at the Fresno Fairgrounds. Lt. Colonel Vang was first of six Hmong pilots trained by the Americans to fly for them.

Vang moved to the Central Valley in 1977, one of the first Hmong to call the Valley home. Lt. Colonel Vang passed away May 4th in Merced. There was a complete military ceremony with music by the Sounds of Freedom Band, plus Congressman Jim Costa offered remarks, along with others. Lt. Colonel Vang will be buried at Forest Lawn Cemetery in Hollywood Hills, Los Angeles.

The Hmong and Karen Community protested at the Minnesota Department of Education

The Hmong and Karen community protested in front of the Minnesota Guild and the Minnesota Department of Education regarding the cancelation of the authorizer for the Community School of Excellence.

2016 Minnesota Ethnic Councils Legislative Session Recap

Session to get to know the Councils’ executive directors and hear from the legislators about the 2016 session achievements

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Save Our Children Peace March

Both national and local Justice Committees organized a peace march with Dylan’s Parents, MN 18 Clans, HAMAA, and Hmong Heritage in Wausau, WI. The turnout was unexpectedly high with over 1,000 participants, bringing much attention from the local community to the event. The peace march was to demonstrate justice for both Dylan Yang and Isaiah Powell.

The peace march did affect Dylan’s sentence somewhat. Judge LaMont Jacobson sentenced Dylan Yang to 13 years in prison followed by 17 years of extended supervision, but also gave Dylan Yang credit for the nearly two years he has been in jail awaiting his sentence. This is half of the jail time prosecutors wanted.

Mother’s Day Trunk Show

The event took place in St. Paul Minnesota at In Progress, where the coordinators invited hard working mothers and young entrepreneurs to showcase what they do as a mother in Minnesota in their full time jobs or as a hobby. The purpose of this event was to find a day for mothers and young entrepreneurs to present their ideas and what they love to do even though they have busy schedules. It was also to appreciate all the mothers.

As expected, there were many ideas and items involving Hmong clothing. Both preserving and new spins of Hmong clothing through dolls and garments of all types were seen. Other creative business ideas were also discoverd such as promoting the creativity of other Hmong women from around the world and products inspired by the complexion and body types of Hmong women.