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An 82 year old Hmong Woman was Bitten by Police Dogs and Dragged by the Officer to the Patrol Car

On the morning of February 5th, in Coon Rapids, Minnesota, an officer got a call for a suspicious male burglar. The officer arrived at the property of Choua Xiong, an 82 year old Hmong woman. Choua Xiong was in a shed located in the backyard. She suddenly heard someone shouting but does not understand English and thought it was just the neighbor so she paid no attention to it. Moments after, one canine came into the shed and attacked her. She was able to find a rubbery pipe and used it to hit the dog while the canine’s jaw locked on her left hand. As the canine whimpered, another one came in and attacked her as well. Choua Xiong described one dog had more hair than the other.

The officer followed the dogs into the shed, grabbed both Xiong’s hands and dragged her out of the shed. Xiong was dragged from the shed to the street with another officer, where the officer’s car was parked, estimated to be around 100 feet. She was placed into the patrol car’s seat and was crying while pulling her pants up because it had slipped down to her thighs from being dragged on the ground.

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