Monday, August 20, 2018
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On July 14th, the China Friendship Garden Society had a ground breaking ceremony for the Phalen Regional Park China Garden.
In today’s newscast Mike and Bao report on how Fresno has the worst drivers in the nation. A study by insurance news site Quote Wizard ranks Fresno 24th in the nation out of 75 big cities for the worst drivers. Rankings are based on calculating total incidents from 2017 for each city based on accidents, speeding tickets, DUIs and citations. Fresno suffers from too many drinking and driver incidents.
In today’s newscast Bee and Bao report about how solar energy panels could create a pollution problem. Many old solar panels were found near the High Speed Rail construction site in downtown Fresno.
Bla Pao Yang is a Hmong veteran who fought in the secret war in Laos. After the war, he and his family settled in Rochester, MN. He is a Hmong American hero who has been fighting for the right to be recognized similar to U.S. veterans.
On this episode of Hmong Live, Nom Vaj and Niam Nom Vaj Thoj talk about avoiding adultery. Those who are not married should not start affairs with those that are married. If you do not know how to love your spouse, it may be your fault that your spouse cheats. You have to trust each other so that you both know what is needed to keep your relationship going well.

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